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The cheapest ABC powder extinguishers!

Here you can find the cheapest powder extinguishers, for private and professional use! An ABC powder fire extinguisher is recommended for the following fire classes:

  • Fire class A: Solid organic materials such as paper, wood, plastic, coal, straw...
  • Fire class B: Liquids such as oil, alcohol, gasoline, fats, bitumen, etc.
  • Fire class C: Gases such as propane, butane, natural gas, etc.

Powder extinguishers are very popular because they can be used for the most common fires and have a long spraying time. However, they cause a lot of collateral damage and the powder is very difficult to clean (an industrial vacuum cleaner is recommended). It's therefore better to choose a foam extinguisher if there's no risk of gas fires and you're in a frost-free environment.

Careful: do you want to use the fire extinguisher in a professional (office, shop...) or public context (communal areas of the building, student rooms...)? Then choose a fire extinguisher with a BENOR-certificate! That way you'll always adhere to the fire regulations and your insurance!

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