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The cheapest fire detectors!

At you can find quality fire detectors at a fair price, which all meet the necessary Belgian and European standards!

  • Smoke detectors will alert you quickly if they sense a starting fire. We offer wireless connectable detectors and non-connectable detectors. Wireless connectable detectors all go off if one of them detects danger. Ideal for larger buildings!
  • Heat detectors are used where smoke detectors present too much risk of false alarms due to dust or water vapor, for example in kitchens, bathrooms and garages.
  • CO detectors warn you if they sense a too high concentration of CO. CO is odourless, so don't take any risks and install at least one CO detector in your home!
  • Gas detectors measure the concentration of various other gases in the air, such as natural gas, butane and propane, so you'll always be warned in time if there's a gas leak (or if you forget to turn off the stove).
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