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The cheapest CO2 extinguishers!

Here you can find the cheapest powder extinguishers, for privateand professionaluse! The CO2 fire extinguisher is recommended for the following fire classes:

  • Fire class B: Liquids such as oil, alcohol, gasoline, fats, bitumen, etc.
  • Fire class E: Electrical fires (This fire class is no longer in use)

CO2 fire extinguishers are mainly used for electronics (switch boxes, computers, etc.), in catering (kitchen) and sensitive areas (museums, etc.) because they don't cause any collateral damage. They are used as additional protection for important, flammable or expensive objects.

Careful: do you want to use the fire extinguisher in a professional (office, shop...) or public context (communal areas of the building, student rooms...)? Then choose a fire extinguisher with a BENOR-certificateThat way you'll always adhere to the fire regulations and your insurance!

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