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The cheapest ABF foam-fat extinguishers!

Here you can find the cheapest ABF foam-fat extinguishers, for privateand professionaluse! Foam fat extinguishers are recommended for the following fire classes:

  • Fire class A: Solid organic materials such as paper, wood, plastic, coal, straw...
  • Fire class B: Liquids such as oil, alcohol, gasoline, fats, bitumen, ...
  • Fire class F: Frying fats and vegetable oils

Foam-fat (ABF) fire extinguishers have largely the same properties as ordinary foam fire extinguishers and are therefore very popular because of their high extinguishing capacity and the low collateral damage they cause. They can also extinguish fat and oil fires, which makes them extremely popular for kitchens! They are also frost-resistant and can thus be used in cold rooms.

Careful: do you want to use the fire extinguisher in a professional (office, shop...) or public context (communal areas of the building, student rooms...)? Then choose a fire extinguisher with a BENOR-certificateThat way you'll always adhere to the fire regulations and your insurance!

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