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  • FireDiscounter Fire extinguisher CO2 2kg steel with BENOR label (B)

Fire extinguisher CO2 2kg steel with BENOR label (B)

This CO2 fire extinguisher is used for protecting rooms with valuable or sensitive objects. They are ideal for museums, kitchens and schools because they do not cause any collateral damage when extinguishing a fire!
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Fire extinguisher CO2 2kg steel with BENOR label (B)
Fire extinguisher CO2 2kg steel with BENOR label (B)
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CO2 fire extinguishers are mainly used as additional object protection and generally do not count as basic protection. The CO2 fire extinguisher is suitable for fire class B (liquids). They do not cause any collateral damage and are therefore ideal for areas with valuable or sensitive objects, such as large and expensive machines. In addition, this extinguisher can extinguish live equipment quickly and effectively. CO2 fire extinguishers are frequently used in catering kitchens, electrical cabinets, computer rooms and museums.


This CO2-extinguisher 2kg is approved by most European law and can therefore be used in Belgium. However, the biggest part of Belgian fire insurances and fire-safety inspectors demand that in a professional context or in mutual areas in an apartment building fire extinguishers with a BENOR-label are used. To get a BENOR-label, the extinguisher needs to meet certain conditions that are specific for Belgium. If you want to be 100% sure of a positive fire-safety rapport then this fire extinguisher is the perfect choice!

When do I need an inspection sticker?

This fire extinguisher is, as mentioned above, suitable for the Belgian market (BENOR) and is available with or without an inspection sticker. Fire extinguishers that you use in a professional / public context or in common parts of apartments must be provided with an inspection sticker. Fire extinguishers that you buy at FireDiscounter including an inspection sticker must only be re-inspected one year after the invoice date.


  • Instruction and maintenance label
  • Seamless steel cylinder: fire extinguisher consists of 1 piece (thus no seams which contributes to a quality extinguisher)
  • Fire extinguisher safety seal with embossed printing
  • External snow horn
  • High-pressure snow horn attached with a metal nut to the extinguisher
  • Extremely suitable for use on live electrical equipment and in professional kitchens
  • CE and EN3 approved
  • BENOR label, so suitable for the Belgian market
  • Delivered in a cardboard box
  • Wall bracket included
  • 5-year warranty
Approved according to European regulations (EN) Yes
Belgian BENOR label (for professional/public use) Yes
Extinguishing agent CO2
Contents 2kg
Fire classes B
Fire rating 34B
Pressure gauge Oui
Operating temperature -20°C to 60°C
Average extinguising period 10 secondes
Weight 8, 30kg
Colour RAL 3000
Height 51cm
Diameter 11, 40cm
Lifespan 10 ans
Has to be maintained Oui
Recommended for Restaurants, electrical cabinets, kitchens, server rooms, rooms with valuable objects

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