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Fire extinguisher foam fluorine-free 6l BasicFire extinguisher foam fluorine-free 6l Basic
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  • Fire extinguisher foam fluorine-free 6l Basic

Fire extinguisher foam fluorine-free 6l Basic

A 6l foam fire extinguisher is the standard extinguishing unit and ideal for professional use. Moreover, this device contains no fluorine and you are prepared for the future legislation banning products containing fluorine.
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Fire extinguisher foam fluorine-free 6l Basic
Fire extinguisher foam fluorine-free 6l Basic
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The foam fire extinguisher 6l FLUOR-free ECO/BIO with BENOR label is the standard extinguisher for office, home and hospitality and is the equivalent of 1 extinguishing unit. This ECO model is free of FLUOR and PFOS/PFAS, and therefore harmless to humans and the environment.

This fire extinguisher comes with inspection sticker for the first year!

The foam fire extinguisher 6l is the standard fire extinguisher for office, home and hospitality. This 6l fire extinguisher is the equivalent of 1 extinguishing unit, covering the 150m² required by law. If you have several floors, you need 1 extinguishing unit per level and per 150m². This fire extinguisher conforms to Belgian-European legislation and is BENOR approved, meets the strictest safety requirements and passes every inspection.

A foam fire extinguisher is suitable for both Category A (solids) and B (liquids) fires, and to a limited extent Category F (vegetable oils and fats). A foam fire extinguisher has the advantage that it causes very little collateral damage and the foam can be easily cleaned up after use. Compared to powder fire extinguishers, foam fire extinguishers have the disadvantage of not being suitable for extinguishing gas-based fires (Class C), but powder, in turn, is much more difficult to clean up (industrial vacuum cleaner is required) and causes more collateral damage than foam.

Fire extinguisher foam fluorine-free 6l with BENOR-label (AB)

FFX150 is a brand new foam developed in Belgium that is free of FLUOR and PFOS/PFAS. This is in contrast to conventional foam extinguishers, which still contain these forever chemicals. As a result, this foam is harmless to humans and the environment. With this model you are also prepared for future legislation banning fluorinated products.

The foam deprives the oxygen from the fire; after all, oxygen is necessary for a fire to burn. Because the foam deprives the oxygen, the fire extinguishes.


  • Seamless cylinder: fire extinguisher consists of 1 piece (so no seams, contributing to a quality extinguisher)
  • Removable plastic protective foot included: avoid damage to the bottom of the extinguisher
  • FFX150 foam free of FLUOR, PFOS and PFAS
  • Metal manometer with tester to test extinguisher pressure
  • Metal attachment for better foam generation
  • Inside of extinguisher has plastic coating
  • Stainless steel safety pin
  • Embossed safety seal
  • Ring with manufacturing date printed with indelible ink
  • CE and EN3 approved
  • BENOR approved for the Belgian market
  • Delivered in a cardboard box
  • 2 years guarantee


Comes with a standard bracket. It is recommended to purchase this metal bracket for this fire extinguisher.


Note: It is required by law to attach a fire extinguisher pictogram above each fire extinguisher.

Fire classes

Recommended for extinguishing solids, electrical appliances and liquids. Can be used almost anywhere (home, office, storage area...) and also, extinguishing with this foam extinguisher causes little to no damage.

  • Fire class A: solid organic substances such as paper, wood, plastics, coal, straw...
  • Fire class B: liquids such as oil, alcohol, gasoline, grease, bitumen...
  • Fire class F: vegetable oils and fats such as frying fat, fondue oil...
Extinguishing agent Foam fluorine-free
Contents 6l
Fire classes AB
Fire rating 27A 144B 25F
Pressure gauge Oui
Lifespan 10 ans
Average extinguising period 41 secondes
Operating temperature 5°C to 60°C
Frost-proof No
Recommended for airBNB, apartment, bakery, bed & breakfast, restaurant, cafe, camping, chiropractic, office, childcare, dorm, factory, fry shop, hotel, hair salon, warehouse, professional kitchen
Inspection and maintenance
Has to be maintained Oui
Physical Characteristics
Height 55cm
Diameter 16cm
Weight 10, 40kg
Colour RAL 3000
Belgian BENOR label (for professional/public use) Yes
Approved according to European regulations (EN) Yes

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