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Fire extinguisher foam fluorine-free 6l UltraFire extinguisher foam fluorine-free 6l Ultra
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  • Fire extinguisher foam fluorine-free 6l Ultra

Fire extinguisher foam fluorine-free 6l Ultra

This foam fire extinguisher is a durable premium model made of quality German steel. Moreover, this device contains no fluorine and you are prepared for the future legislation banning products containing fluorine.
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Fire extinguisher foam fluorine-free 6l Ultra
Fire extinguisher foam fluorine-free 6l Ultra
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The Fire extinguisher foam fluorine-free 6l Ultra Ultra is a high quality foam fire extinguisher with an extra high extinguishing power and life span of 20 years. With an extra thick barrel made of German quality steel, this fire extinguisher has a 10-year warranty on the entire unit!

This ECO model is also free of FLUOR and PFOS/PFAS, making it harmless to humans and the environment. Its internal cartridge makes it easy to refill, extra sturdy and ideal for use in offices, production environments, apartment buildings, public buildings....

The Fire extinguisher foam fluorine-free 6l Ultra is the equivalent of 1 extinguishing unit, covering the 150m² required by law. It is ideal for offices, apartment buildings, department stores, schools, hotels, B&Bs.... Suitable for fires based on solids (fire class A) and liquids (fire class B), this foam extinguisher also causes little collateral damage.

Fire extinguisher foam fluorine-free 6l Ultra (AB) BAVAL zeroF 10

BAVAL zeroF 10 is a brand new foam developed in Germany that is free of FLUOR and PFOS/PFAS. This is in contrast to classic foam fire extinguishers, which still contain these forever chemicals. As a result, this foam is harmless to humans and the environment. With this model, you are also prepared for future legislation banning fluorinated products. You can read more about it on our advice center.

The foam deprives oxygen from the fire; after all, oxygen is necessary for a fire to burn. Because the foam deprives the oxygen, the fire extinguishes.

Do I choose a fire extinguisher with permanent pressure or internal cartridge?

The Ultra Foam 6l fire extinguisher is of the "internal pressure cartridge" type. A fire extinguisher with an internal pressure cartridge is not pressurized beforehand. Therefore, in the fire extinguisher cartridge there is initially only the extinguishing agent. You activate a fire extinguisher with internal cartridge by pressing a percussion button.

Because the fire extinguisher barrel is only pressurized upon activation, this has several very important advantages:

can be opened on the spot by a technician
easy to refill after use and easy to maintain
insensitive to pressure leaks
achieve maximum service life of 20 years


  • Cylinder in high quality extra thick German steel
  • Fire hose attached with hook
  • Sturdy plastic fire extinguisher head with clear, simple operation
  • Operation on internal pressure cartridge: easy to maintain and refill
  • Fluorine-free foam: good for the environment and anticipated future legislation banning the use of fluorine compounds (PFAS)
  • Extra high extinguishing rating: extinguish more and longer with the same content than similar fire extinguishers
  • CE, EN3 and BENOR approved
  • Wall bracket included
  • 10-year warranty on the entire unit if maintained annually by us
Extinguishing agent Foam fluorine-free
Contents 6l
Fire classes A B
Fire rating 27A 144B
Pressure gauge No
Lifespan 20 years
Average extinguising period 39 seconds
Operating temperature 5°C to 60°C
Frost-proof No
Recommended for bakery, disco, fitness, food truck, deep fryer, office, hair salon, lithium battery, professional kitchen
Inspection and maintenance
Has to be maintained Yes
Physical Characteristics
Height 57cm
Diameter 17cm
Weight 11kg
Colour RAL 3000
Belgian BENOR label (for professional/public use) Yes
Approved according to European regulations (EN) Yes

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