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FireDiscounter Fire extinguisher foam 9l BasicFire extinguisher foam 9l Basic
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  • FireDiscounter Fire extinguisher foam 9l Basic

Fire extinguisher foam 9l Basic

A 9l foam fire extinguisher counts for 1.5 extinguishing units and is ideal for professional use. It protects an area of 225m² or a floor. It causes almost no collateral damage and can be easily disposed of after use.
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Fire extinguisher foam 9l Basic
Fire extinguisher foam 9l Basic
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A foam fire extinguisher of 9l counts for 1,5 extinguishing units and is therefore suited to secure larger spaces. With this extinguisher you can legally cover 1 floor of maximum 225m². If you have multiple floors or a bigger surface you need to buy additional units per floor and per 225m². Make sure that the maximum walking distance to an extinguisher is 20 meters. That is why you can only use a 6kg/l extinguisher in certain cases (1 unit cover 150m²).

A foam fire extinguisher is suitable for fire classes A (solids) and B (liquids). A major advantage of a foam fire extinguisher is that it causes very little collateral damage and can be easily disposed of after use, unlike powder fire extinguishers. Therefore, in situations where you do not need a frost-resistant fire extinguisher, it is better to opt for a foam fire extinguisher instead of a powder extinguisher.


This foam fire extinguisher 9l is approved by most European law and can therefore be used in Belgium. However, the biggest part of Belgian fire insurances and fire-safety inspectors demand that in a professional context or in mutual areas in an apartment building fire extinguishers with a BENOR-label are used. To get a BENOR-label the extinguisher needs to meet certain conditions that are specific for Belgium. If you want to be 100% sure of a positive fire-safety rapport then this fire extinguisher is the perfect choice!

When do I need an inspection sticker?

This fire extinguisher is, as mentioned above, suitable for the Belgian market (BENOR) and is available with or without an inspection sticker. Fire extinguishers that you use in a professional / public context or in common parts of apartments must be provided with an inspection sticker. Fire extinguishers that you buy at FireDiscounter including an inspection sticker must only be re-inspected one year after the invoice date.


  • Fire extinguisher under permanent pressure with a metal manometer
  • Steal handle with only 1 weld: high quality and much less chance of a pressure leak than with comparable extinguishers
  • Removable manometer for reloading and pressure control
  • Stainless steel parts
  • Capacity: 9l BSX233 1,5% foam
  • High extinguish capacity: extinguishing rating 27A 233B, discharge time of 53 seconds!
  • CE-, EN3- and Marine-approved; with Belgian BENOR-label
  • Includes metal holder, can aslo be attached to a wall
  • Label with instructions in Dutch or French
  • Lifetime: 10 years
  • 2-year guarantee

Wall bracket and pictogram

This fire extinguisher is delivered together with a standard wall bracket to attach it to the wall. For a more sturdy metal wall bracket in combination with the legally obliged pictogram you can look at the bundle at the bottom of the page.

Extinguishing agent Foam
Contents 9l
Fire classes A B
Fire rating 27A 233B
Pressure gauge Yes
Lifespan 10 years
Average extinguising period 53 seconds
Operating temperature 5°C to 60°C
Frost-proof No
Recommended for camping, factory, accommodation decree, warehouse, office, store, restaurant, café, hotel
Inspection and maintenance
Has to be maintained Yes
Physical Characteristics
Height 62cm
Diameter 18cm
Weight 14, 6kg
Colour RAL 3000
Belgian BENOR label (for professional/public use) Ja
Approved according to European regulations (EN) Yes

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